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August 12 2017

"Chinwon", a homonym of inch Cheng Wen" in China's, which is an abstracted term from an old Chinese saying, means that an upright individual is trustworthy in his terms and conforms to the interpersonal norms.
Hemp Protein
We apply this particular ethics to our business operating, and adopt the enhance extraction technology, for the purpose of providing the most natural & efficient products, and service;
Hemp Protein
The actual core principle is to regard the life, obey the nature, state what we can do and do exactly what should be under the guideline associated with morality & laws, and the best benefits for all the clients.

Choose "natural", Choose "ChinWon"

Cherish your life, and enjoy this!

Xi’an ChinWon Biotech Inc., is founded in 2009, situated in Shaan Xi Province Tiongkok, where is close to large Moutain “Qinling”, rich in numerous herbal sources with organic water. And also it is popular as Terra-Cotta Warriors around the globe.

Besides taking full benefit of local abundant plant sources and natural water, ChinWon holds the innovative technology of plant extract as well as synthesis process, equipped with personal lab and research middle to make all the products pure and also effective; And become a high technologies enterprise with strict administration.

All ingredients contain the cheapest content of heavy alloys, and fully meet the dependence on USP/ BP /EP regular, widely applied in pharmaceutic, food & beverages, makeup products, nutraceuticals, daily chemicals along with agricultural chemicals industries.

Along with NSF-GMP and GAP foundation, we carry out strict High quality Control system and provide the very best service for customers all over the world.
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